What is the composition of the Black Masterbatch?

The materials constituting the black masterbatch are:

A. carbon black;

B. carbon black carrier;

C. carbon black wetting agent;

D. carbon black dispersing agent;

2. What kind of carbon black is used for black masterbatch?

According to the international classification, there are more than 30 varieties in China. Mainly divided into two categories of rubber and non-rubber. Carbon black is a rubber reinforcing agent, which can effectively improve the wear resistance of rubber tires and the physical and mechanical properties of rubber products. In non-rubber carbon black, there are only a few kinds of carbon black that can be used as black masterbatch.

The grooved carbon black is most widely used in plastics, mainly due to its abundant source, high purity and small particle size. Among them, it is further divided into high pigment carbon black (particle size 9-17 nm), medium pigment carbon black (particle size 18-25 nm) and low pigment carbon black (particle size 26-37 nm).

Prices vary widely due to different carbon black varieties.

Carbon black particles are rarely present in primary particles due to their inherently active nature, and are almost always present as agglomerated particles of a certain range of particle sizes.

3. What is the carbon black carrier?

The carrier is a substance that carries carbon black. What kind of raw materials are used for general plastic products, and what raw materials are used for the carrier. The black masterbatch thus produced has good compatibility with the plastic raw material. For example, PS (polystyrene) plastic products, the black masterbatch carrier used is PS. For polyethylene plastic products, the carrier is polyethylene.

However, LDPE (high pressure polyethylene) is generally used because LDPE has the strongest ability to carry carbon black and has good processing performance. Other polyethylene HDPE and LLDPE can only produce low concentration black masterbatch. For PP (polypropylene) plastic products, only black masterbatch with PP and LDPE as the carrier can be used, but black masterbatch with HDPE and LLDPE and other plastics as the carrier cannot be used. Of course, the black masterbatch which uses the recycled material as a carrier is also used.

4. Why does carbon black require a wetting agent?

The carbon black has a specific gravity of about 2 g/cm. Since the carbon black has a small particle size, the density of expression is small and appears fluffy and seems to be very light. To process smoothly, the carbon black must be wetted first. The choice of wetting agent is critical. In order to reduce costs, there are not many enterprises that use a large amount of products such as white oil or paraffin, but the problem with that, they, are low melting and low thermal stable products and tends to bleed and migrate from the masterbatches (bloom on the outer surface) and also seriously affects the strength of processed products. Care should be taken while using these kind of products and their Dosage should not be exceed one percent (1%) in total batch. It is advisable to use high melting point polyolefin waxes to wet and disperse pigments.

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